Valentine Day Survival Kit Starter Box

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Love is in the air but maybe you just don't care... or maybe you do.

It is that time of year where you start to see all those ads about love and you start to wonder - "Why am I still single?", Why can't I find my one true love?" and then you start to go there... you are sad about being alone and you start to hate all this talk about love.

Or maybe you are in a relationship and no one is meeting anyone's needs. You might have high hopes for VDAY but your partner is just not into that... EVER!

I say forget all about that and fall in love with yourself! Choose to be happy. Discover what you love about your life and celebrate that! 

Rejoice in the fact that you don't have the pressure to make someone else happy. Just make yourself happy. You also will not have to endure a forced awkward romantic moment.


No one! 

This survival kit will help get you through the lead up to all things love and through the big day itself.

Give yourself a little gift of love. After all, you are an independent grown up and can buy yourself whatever you want and not have to 1001 hints on what you really want. Just get it yourself.


  • 1 All You Need Is Love Coaster - Share your love of life! 
  • 1 Pair of Snoozies Bling Slippers - Add a bit of glam and make yourself feel special. 
  • 1 Fix Anything Bath Salts - Indulge in a bath just for you! Baths can solve all problems and leave you feeling amazing! 
  • Gift Box & Wrapping
  • Free Shipping - Code - VDAYKIT

Retail Value $75


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At Orangefish, we believe life is all about the journey, and every journey should be filled with amazing adventures and escapades that you may or may not want to write home about!

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