One of the challenges with running an online business is that Orangefish does not have a physical location or storefront so most people don’t think of us as local BUT we are, we are based in Toronto Canada.
Everything ships from our location and about 75% of the products we sell are made in Canada. So are also filtering money back into the Canadian economy directly to artists and designers that just might live in your part of the country.
Which I love because this is why I initially started this business! 

If you love Orangefish I would love it if you could share the website with your family and friends because that will help our business during this difficult time.
So how do you do this?
  • Tell your friends and family about
  • Send them the link to the website or send them a link to something you think they might like on the website


  • Share the link to Orangefish on your social media.

Also, if you have had a great experience and would like to submit a review on google or our facebook page that would also be helpful.

As a small business owner during this time I do appreciate the continued support we have received, and I realize that everyone’s situation has changed. As, part of this program, I would also like to give back to those that share Orangefish with their friends and family.

Just tag Orangefish in your post or send me a screen shot of your share and I will add a $10 credit to your Orangefish account that you can use at any point in time this year.

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Terms & Conditions

  • Only one credit per email address
  • Only one credit can be used per purchase
  • Credit must be used in 2020