Compressport On/Off HeadBand


Baby Blue
Hot Pink
Lime Green
Get the headband that dries up to 7 times faster!

While racing, a headband can quickly turn into a soaking piece of cloth and not be able to absorb your sweat. If it retains too much water is also will not dry fast enough.

This is the first HeadBand of it's kind, that incorporates the On/Off Ventilation fiber. A new ultra light HeadBand with unmatched comfort and that dries up to 7-times faster than a traditional HeadBand.

THERMO-REGULATION - The ERAMICS mirror effect activates the microcirculation on the surface of the skin (+92%) and leads to better thermoregulation (+51%).

ANTIBACTERIAL - 100% hygiÌÎå©nique. The SANITIZED treatment helps prevent the growth of bacteria and naturally fights odors. It guarantees a fresh feeling all day.

ULTRA-VENTILATION - The mesh fiber feels great, is light and makes it more breathable.


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