Metro Boombox

$9.99 $49.99

Turn virtually anything into a speaker!

Find the item that generates the best sound! So far our favorites are sticking it to your purse, a glass table, or the wall. Whether you're on a picnic, at the beach, in your house, or travelling, this handy gadget will make sure you always have great quality music at hand.

  • Small and light, you can take it anywhere! Just plug it, stick it, play it!
  • Plug in your music player, phone, or laptop and stick BOOMBX ViBE on to any surface or object and you instantly have a mobile, on the go speaker.
  • Try sticking it to a table, a shoe, a mirror, a purse, a wall, a bowl, a mug, a beer bottle, or just about anything you have near you!
  • It takes 2 AA batteries, fits any phone or device with a headphone jack.

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