Celtic Knot Embossing Rolling Pin


The Celtic knotÌâåÊrepresents eternity in loyalty, faith, friendship or loveÌâåÊ and now you can make your baking have an extra specialÌâåÊmessage for the ones you love.ÌâåÊÌâåÊItÌâåÊis perfect for your cookies, pies, and fondant.
  • Embossing rolling pins
  • Made from solid beech
  • Laser-engraved with high precision
  • Oiled by hand
  • 45 cm long and 6 cm diameter
  • Weighs 600 grams
  • Made with love in Poland
  • Wash dry with a brush first, then if needed with water, soap and dry well before using again!
  • Do not wash in a dishwasher and try to avoid prolonged contact with water.

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