Crystal magnetic make-up case

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Meet the UNII Palette a new solution for storing make-up that is practical and environmentally friendly̢‰âÂå¡Ìĉۼ_ plus it is a beauty!

You can put all your favourite brands in one case and fill it with make-up that is sold in refill sizes, which is not only a cost-saver but also more environmentally friendly. It̢‰âÂå¡ÌÝå»s great for teens, frequent travelers and anyone who wants to simplify their cosmetics.

PS. ̢‰âÂå¡ÌĉۼÌĉ۪ Check to see if your favourite brands have implemented any recycling programs for their original cases ̢‰âÂå¡ÌĉۼÌĉ۪ you might be able to return and receive free product for being so tree hugging friendly!

Each UNII Palette Includes:

̢‰âÂå¡ÌÝå¢ Magnetic Palette (metal pans will stick without a magnet, unless they are aluminum)

̢‰âÂå¡ÌÝå¢ Adhesive Not-A-Magnet sheet with writable labels

̢‰âÂå¡ÌÝå¢ Large, full-sized mirror for the makeup on the go

̢‰âÂå¡ÌÝå¢ Movable thumb grip

̢‰âÂå¡ÌÝå¢ Secure clasp to keep palette closed

̢‰âÂå¡ÌÝå¢ Instructions on box and inside the sleeve

̢‰âÂå¡ÌÝå¢ Outer dimensions : 3.7"D x 6"L x0.7"Thick

̢‰âÂå¡ÌÝå¢ Inner dimensions : 2.8"D x 5.4"L x0.3"Thick

Be sure to watch the videos:

Listen to a customer review the benefits of the product

Hear how Minna the founder came up with the design

Learn how to depot your make-up

Learn how to fix broken make-up


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