Marble Dew Drop Necklace


An interchangeable, sterling silver showstopper!

This style is playful and elegant in a casual way! The holder is made entirely of sterling silver, and comes with two silver rings to visually balance the drop aspect, the ring also is utilitarian in tightening down the leather above the holder. This style also lets a lot of light pass through the marble.

This one is not just for women - men love it too!

  • Sterling Silver Pendant
  • Leather Necklace
  • Exchange the marble in two simple steps
  • Includes pendant, necklace, marbles, gift box, polishing cloth, and instructions

How To Change The Marble

  1. To remove the marble pull the marble from between the two prongs.
  2. To insert the marble push the marble between the two prongs.
  3. If you are changing marbles frequently you can renew the tension between the prongs by gently pinching* the sides of the prongs together.

Please Note - You cannot lose the marble when it is on the pendant. The design of the bracelet does not allow the marble to fall or pop out from the top - the marble can only be added or removed via the method above.

Choose Your Style

  • Itty Bitty - 10 mm - Included 8 jewel tone colours.ÌâåÊIt is the smallest marble and includes the following colours: Red, Yellow, Green, Royal Blue, Turquoise Blue, Iridescent Turquoise Blue, Iridescent Clear, and an Opaque shiny silver that looks just like hematite.
  • PeeWee - 12 mm - Includes 15 glass marbles.ÌâåÊThe Pee Wee marbles look like the traditional playing marbles, but smaller, with plenty of swirls, cat's eyes, iridescent, opaque and clear marbles. You receive an assortment of fun colours and no two are the same. Includes - White, Blue, Clear, Black, Pink, Teal, Green, Royal Blue, Red, Turquoise.
  • Fancy - 14 mm - Includes 25 translucent and opaque colors!ÌâåÊThis is our best selling size, partially because the marbles are all so beautiful, and also because it is the most for your money! This size has all the elegance of the smaller sizes, lots of jewel toned color choices and is big enough to make a large splash of color. Includes - White, Blue, Clear, Black, Pink, Teal, Green, Royal Blue, Red, Turquoise, Grey, Yellow.
  • Player - 16 mm - Includes 15 glass marbles.ÌâåÊThis is the size of those old marbles you had when you were a kid, and the size makes a nice big 'statement' bauble in our jewelry. Plenty of swirls, cat's eyes, iridescent, opaque and clear marbles. This package contains a lot of dual colours marbles.

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