Pro Racing Compression Socks - Run Low V 2.1 - Ultra Low Cut Green

$14.99 $29.95

Black & Green
Get optimal ventilation and feel fresh with version 2.1! 

Perfect for outdoor activities in the extreme heat or hot weather. The mesh covers a large surface of this sock to ensure maximum ventilation while keeping the fool light, dry and cool!

  • Designed with ultra light mesh - 12g
  • Easy to put on and comfortable to wear
  • 1 LAYER finish, hemless and without elastic, they do not compress the ankle and also suppress any feeling of stress and pressure.
  • The hydrophobic fibers offer a unique drying time and guarantee never having wet feet.
  • Protection against blisters and heating is always guaranteed.
  • The arch support always ensures a good pressure of the arch to compress and assist in venous return.
These socks also have the 3D. Dot technology which:
  • Ensure maximum foot grip in your shoes preventing your feet from slipping when you are walking, running or standing.
  • Cushion and protect your Achilles Tendon from friction and pressure
  • Provide additional shock absorption in the areas you need it most
  • Provide massaging acupressure to further activate blood circulation

The socks are guaranteed for 2 years.

Shorter than the previous low-cut socks, these are practically invisible inside the shoe. Thanks to the rear tab the sock remains perfectly in place during exercise and provides protection for the Achilles tendon.


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