Swaddle Sack Gunapod

$14.95 $39.99

A smart wearable blanket for babies!

Think easier ... cozier ... softer-in a word? better. We believe in happy moms, happy babies and effortless everything.

Need to change a diaper? Easy.

Want to put a sleeping baby into the sack? Piece of cake.

Baby wants their feet exposed? Just unzip the bottom.

Temperature regulation? Sure. Unzip or unsnap.

  • Patent pending all around zipper, opens completely from underarm to underarm, with 4 separate pulls thereby functioning in a multitude of way
  • Front zipper and shoulder snaps
  • Unique all around zipper allows simple diaper changing. Baby remains dressed and warm and minimally disturbed, no need to undress baby to change diaper, unzip the outside from the bottom as high as necessary without limitations, simple & fast.
  • Temperature ventilation by unzipping in many combinations
  • Easy dressing/undressing
  • Can leave bottom open for free movement of feet
  • Oversized fit with large armholes and a super plush fabric for ultimate comfort
  • Ideal for use outside of crib in car, stroller

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