How to be the life of the party and still function the next day?

So, if you don’t know by now let me tell you straight up – I like to work hard and play harder.

I went to NYC for a gift show and some of my best gal pals decided they wanted to tag along. Why not have a a girls night out or a girls weekend getaway. Well, you can imagine, we were excited about heading to the big apple and started to have some adult beverages at the airport. The partying continued as we checked into our hotel and headed out for dinner, which was followed by dancing and of course more drinks. You know at the time it is so much fun. And, I am ether or out, there is no grey area.

Good times did not follow the next day. I felt horrible AND I had to walk this massive trade show. I was so hung over. I showered, tried to eat and made my way to the convention center. As I walked around trying to find cool new products, I felt terrible. I had a headache, I couldn't really think straight, I didn’t want to eat anything. I walked around the corner and I saw this big orange sign. BYTOX – The Hang Over Patch. I made a beeline to the booth and asked a million questions. I was so happy to hear it is all natural but also think there is NO WAY this will work. The sales rep said really you are supposed to use it before and while you are drinking but if you put it on now it will make you feel better faster. He didn't need to tell me twice – I was willing to try anything… that is just how bad I felt! I would try any hangover remedy!

I put on the patch, took their info and continued on my way. About 30 minutes later, I felt so much better. I went back to the booth before I left the trade show and placed an order. I went back to the hotel and was so full of energy and ready to go again. My gal pals – who had done nothing all day were like – what has happened to you and how do you have so much energy? I told them about the hangover patch and then they could not believe it.

And, don’t just believe me. This is by far the number one seller on Orangefish. We have sold 1000’s of patches and I can also tell you we ship the most to Alberta and Newfoundland.

Here are some comments from our customers:

"I have used the patch while on vacation at an all-inclusive resort. And that included lots of drinks. I am prone to nasty hangovers and I found the patch really helped avoid them.I highly recommend!!"  - Rae Ann

"Bytox is the best product I’ve tried for Hanover prevention and cure.My friends and I have tried it many times and are always amazed at how great we feel the following day! It even gets rid of a hangover if you forgot to use one the night before! When we have our yearly girls’ weekends, I’m always asked if I brought some. Now the friends order it for themselves :) I’d rate this product 10/10"  - Linda

"I love the patch and I will be placing another order soon. I also love your company – you add a personal touch to a professional business."  - B

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