Who We Are

Orangefish has been offering lifestyle gift giving solutions online since 2006.

Over the years we have changed our vision, mission and direction but one thing holds true - we love to feature made or designed in Canada products whenever possible. 

We also love to work hard, play hard and have fun.  And, that is the type of customer that we want to attract. 

We love anything and everything that is motivational or inspirational and if it is something you can use in your day to day life - AMAZING! 

We have spent time curating some very special items for people that like to work out, be social and laugh out loud. These are people that want to improve, strive for more but also don't take themselves too seriously. 

If this sounds like you, you have come to the right place. 

What's with the name?

We get asked that all the time!

In personality temperament theory, orange is the colour that identifies risk takers – those who want to enjoy life, will go against the main stream and think outside the box. These people are able to find anything you need regardless of when you need it.  

And fish, well they never stand still, they are always moving and checking out what is happening around them... you know eat or be eaten.

Put them together and that is what Orangefish is all about!

Meet Janet Lewis - Founder & Owner

What do you probably want to know about me?

  • Grew up in Port McNicoll, ON. (Pop. 1300)
  • Played Varsity Volleyball at McMaster University (#9 for life)
  • Graduated from McMaster University with Bachelor of Kinesiology (Anatomy was my biggest challenge)
  • Lived in South Korea teaching English (Duk-Shin-Ri & Pusan)
  • Played professional beach volleyball for a couple of seasons (Livin the dream)
  • Graduated from University of Toronto Teachers College (Learned I did not want to teach - way too many rules & paperwork)
  • Worked at ISPOPIA (First company in Canada to make a Learning Management System)
  • Worked for Sun Microsystems (Time to geek out in tech)
  • Started my own business as an eLearning Consultant (Love to get in, find a solution, implement and get out)
  • Started Flirt Accessories (Side gig that included quality time making jewellery with my sister)
  • Started Orangefish (To help Canadian artists get their product out to a larger audience)
  • Started janetlewis.com (To share info about my experiences being an entrepreneur in Canada)

I like being able to find great new products or people, and I love sharing information about things I am super passionate about. I love sharing my passion for being active and living a pretty healthy lifestyle, and if I can help to motivate just one person that is all I can ask for.

So get out there people, find something you love and just move!