New Year, New You?

I love the start of the New Year – it is the chance to start all over again. This year I came up with the following New Years Resolutions.
1. Be Fearless
I am going to “disrupt” my comfy mid life and become that fearless teenager again. I have so many new ideas and projects that I put on hold in 2018. I am not going to be afraid to put them out there this year. You might like them or hate them, but they will be shared!
2. Believe in Yourself
This year I am going to believe in myself and my ideas, so I can be fearless and take more risks. I will do whatever it takes to get there.
3. Know that I am Enough
I have always felt that I could be better and do better. I need to stop worrying about the expectations of others and instead focus on meeting my own expectations. I will acknowledge that I am enough.
4. Focus on the Good
Sometimes I let my day be ruined by one bad thing that happened. Instead of choosing to focus on the bad thing, I am going to choose to focus on the good and the great!
5. Celebrate More
As an entrepreneur and action-oriented person I tend to have a long to do list. And, I love to get through the list BUT when something good or great happens I don’t take the time to celebrate – instead I have already moved on to “What’s next?” This year, I am going to take the time to celebrate small and big wins. 
6. Do Something Active Every Damn Day
I go to the gym every morning Monday to Friday but lately I found myself doing NOT A THING on weekends. I want to commit to doing something active every damn day – even if it is a walk to the store to get a bag of chips to eat while watching The Bachelor. I will never quit on improving my fitness level.
7. Travel More
I love to travel. When I was younger, I lived in South Korea for 2 and half years. Since then I have travelled to many other countries, and two of my favourites were Costa Rica and Peru. But I found in the last three years I have not really gone anywhere… so this year I will travel more. I can hardly wait to see where I go.
What are your New Years Resolutions?
Go make them happen!


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