Put Your Heart Into It - Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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Want to get a little creative with your gift giving? Here is a secret. Put your heart into it.

You don't have to spend a tonne of money to treat someone or bring them joy, sometimes what is even more important is the message that you send.

Here are 10 Gift Giving examples of how a special message can make your gift more memorable. 

1. Do What You Love You Can Start With Me.

The message on this candle says it all so your note can be very simple... "Just Saying... (read the candle, take the hint) and hugs and kisses!"  You can give this one its own or pair with something your partner thinks is sexy.   

Do something you love You can start with me

2. I Heart U Please Bring Me Chocolate

These socks make a cute gift and tell someone that you love them but if you add a little note that says "You knock my socks off! (in a good way) XOXO"  You can send your message, not have it be too serious and get a chuckle at the same time.  Don't forget to pair this with some favourite chocolate treats! 

I heart you Please bring me chocolate

3. Heart Rolling Pin

Perfect for anyone that loves to bake.  Pair it with the message "Thank you for putting your heart into everything you do! Luv U"  OR "I like the way you roll. XOXO"

Heart Rolling Pin

4. Secrid Wallet

Want to be practical but also let them know just how much you care. Just add this message "So no one can steal your info like you stole my heart".  Hmmm, hello isn't that what you want to tell the one you love - you stole my heart AND still have it! 

Secrid Wallet

5. Wewood Wooden Watch

Another great but practical gift. Sure you could just give them the watch BUT add this message and see your partners heart melt.  "Every minute spent without you is wasted time. XOXO"  

WeWood Watch

6. Snoozies Slippers

Does your loved one always have cold feet?  Give the gift of these sparkly slippers and add a special message "You walked into my life and made me realize why it never worked with anyone else! XOXO"  You can use this one for shoes, boots or any type of footwear.  Handwritten with lots of hearts on the box win bonus points! 

Snoozies Slippers

7.  Lotus Marble Ring

Do you drive your partner nuts sometimes? Come on we all do! Don't lie. If you are going through a bit of a tough time and want to let them know, you know, you drive them crazy this is a great gift with an even better message. "I know I sometimes make you lose your marbles. Here are some new prettier ones." And, you might want to add that if they do lose any marbles you will help them search high and low to find them. Isn't that what love is all about - through the good and bad! 

Marble Ring

8. Pook Red Plaid Onsie

This one is simple but sweet. You can add this note to any red item but a couple that Pooks together stays together. The message is simple "It is Red-iculous how much I love you! XOXO".  A little word play hopefully before the foreplay (wink). 

Pook Onsie

9. If You Can Read This Bring Me a Beer

For the guy that doesn't like Valentine's Day but he will love these socks.  And, will love the message "Will you beer my valentine? (just say yes!) XOXO".  Be sure to pair with a 6 pack or 24 of beer and then he might really change his mind about this day! 

10.  Candy Message

For the sweetheart that loves sweets.  Don't want to make a big deal on V Day but want to send a message. Create a personalized candy message. This is just one example of many. If you are having a tough time getting in the creative space just look on google or Pinterest for some ideas to get you going! 

Candy Message

I hope you can see how adding a creative message to your gift can make it personal and have so much more meaning.  For us, it is all about spreading joy and making someone laugh out loud... or cry.  If you give a gift and they cry with joy that is the BEST! 

Go Make Someone Laugh Today!

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