Toronto - Love It or Hate It?

Toronto Love it Or Hate It?

Ah September, you have arrived. I hate you because it means summer is over but then I love you because it means there are so many amazing things going on in Toronto.

This week is jam packed with TIFF and Charity events. It feels like every time I talk to someone there is a new event to attend. My question is - when am I going to sleep? The lazy days of summer are over, and it is time to get back to the hustle which means heading out to networking events and parties which on any given day there could be 1-3 that you want to attend. I have over the years realized I cannot do it all though I really wish I could! I do love this city and all the opportunities that are here.

Keep in mind I am originally from a small town and I totally get that people outside of Toronto hate "the city"... because there is only one city in Ontario? Funny enough - everyone knows that "the city" means Toronto. I also know that people that don’t live in Toronto love to hate on it. I am not 100% sure where these feelings come from. It is because the city has grown so much, there are too many people, it is too busy or just plain not everyone’s cup of tea?

I think instead of hating on this amazing city we should be celebrating it!
The one thing I love about Toronto is that there are unlimited opportunities to meet and greet with people you would not normally meet. Hello – I got to meet Superman! Yes, Henry Cavil. Talk about a small dream come true! Now that is not just going to happen anywhere, but it did in this amazing city.

Toronto is ranked as one of the 10 Ten Most Livable cities in the world. It has almost everything you could ask for – great food, amazing entertainment choices, some of the most exciting sports teams in the country, and it is a relatively safe city considering the explosion of growth that it has seen in the last five years. There are of course areas that the city can improve upon, but I still love it despite some of its flaws.

I love Toronto and am happy to call it my home.

Do you love or hate Toronto?


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