Who Do You Love?

Who Do You Love Blog Post

Do you really know who you love?  Or what you have gotten yourself into?
Do you understand the women that you have fallen for? Do you know what they want?

The answer is probably no BUT imagine all the fun you will have on your journey to figure it out!

Here are just a few descriptions of some of the women that you might be in love with. Now keep in mind – every woman is super unique, and this list could go on forever so it is definitely not all inclusive! There are way more than 10 types of women and they can have one or more of these qualities - this is just to keep you on your toes!

And, as an added bonus we have also include a fun little gift suggestion based on each of the types below.

1. Workout Warriors
She is disciplined and loves the gym. She also loves chocolate, cupcakes and candy. It is all about balance and hard work. She loves to lift!
Women Who Love the gym      Love to Lift Bracelet

2. Wino Lovers
She loves her wine and loves to have a good time. She is always amazed at “how quickly we finished that bottle." Bless her heart she loses track of time when is having fun with friends and never wants it to end.
Women who love wine     Wine Coasters

3. Hockey Moms
She is fiercely loyal. No one is going to mess with her or her kid. Although she can display some pretty scary behaviour at the rink, she is actually super sweet and just wants to protect the ones she loves.

Hockey Mom Joke     Hockey Mom Mittens
4. Sleeping Beauty’s
She loves Sundays. No where to go, no people to see. She will snuggle with you all day long with no worries about where the time is going.

Women that love to sleep     Pook Thigh Hi Socks
5. Weed Women
She says she loves it because it is all natural. She grows her own and loves to share it with friends or anyone that wants to give it a try really.
Women that like weed     I'll Bring The Week Baseball Cap
6. The Head Planner
She is usually the head of the PTA or really any group of people. She loves her lists and recruits everyone to be on it So much to do so little time. Let’s just get it done.
Women who love to organize     They Didn't See Her Coming Notebook
7. The Hot Mess
She is coming, she is not coming. She has what she needs, she does not have what she needs. She is usually late for a good reason or has to cancel last minute because something came up but it was definitely not her fault.
Women who are a hot mess     Cheaper Than Therapy Drink Container
8. The Bad Decision Girl
She is the one that always seems to have the most fun. She has lots of ideas and always wants to try new things but somehow the idea and the implementation of it don’t always go according to plan. She always has a great story!
Women who make bad decisions      I'll bring the bad decisions tank top
9. The Multi Tasker
She has so many things on the go and has a hard time keeping them straight. She always wants to help. She is always be running a tad bit late but heh, look at all the things she is juggling. She really is a super hero in disguise.

Women that are multi taskers     Wonder Women Underwear

10. The I Hate Winter Woman
She hates winter and everyone knows it. In fact, during the winter you might never ever see her EVER. She likes to stay hidden in the house where it is warm.
Women Who Hate Winter     Pook Onsie
Enjoy the one you are with!
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