Winter is a B!

I love summer. The heat. The beach. Beach Volleyball. Georgian Bay. Cottage Country. Hiking. Biking. All of these things make me feel happy.

For me, Winter is cold. Long. Boring. I want to hibernate. I don’t want to go outside. I would rather curl up with a good book or binge on Netflix. It makes me feel unmotivated and blah.

This winter I am going to attempt to change how I feel about it. I made list of fun things I want to do that will hopefully make me feel happy plus, it just might make winter go by faster!

Here is my list.

  1. Skate on the Bentway. This is a new skate trail that is under the Gardiner Expressway. It connects 7 neighbourhoods together, they feature DJ’s and of course there are some yummy food and drink options on site. More info.
  2. See a winter light exhibition at Ontario Place. This could be hit or miss but I will give it a try. Plus, maybe I’ll throw my skates on and go for a glide while I am there. More info.
  3. Snowmobile with my brother. I usually try to do this at least once a year but missed it because of the weather last year. It is such a fun day out. We usually hit the ice and venture out across Georgian Bay.  One year we even got to see the Ice Caves at Giant’s Tomb. It was amazing.  Mother Nature at her best. More info.
  4. Hit the slopes with one of my favorite gal pals this winter. I would prefer to head to Mont-Tremblant because the last time I went with a super crew of girls we had the best time ever! The ski runs are great but the party life there is totally fun too! BUT if I can’t take the time I will at least go to Blue Mountain or Horseshoe. More info.
  5. Go Ice Fishing with my Dad. This is not a Canadian Cliché. It is real and it something my Dad loves to do. He knows all the best spots so hopefully this year we will get his hut out on the ice and catch some fish. More info.

I also have a few other things I would like to try but they would require a bit more research and are definite bucket list items – go dog sledding, try ice climbing, and skate the Arrowhead Trail in Algonquin Park.

What winter activities do you like to do?

Is there anything you think I should try?

Let me know.  I am working to have more fun in 2019 and love suggestions.

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