Limited Edition Winter Trail Running Compression Socks & Waterbottle

$5.99 $39.99

Show your true colours at your next race. Meet your goals, make it to the finish line and recover in style.
Compression socks can help you while you are competing and during your recovery. These socks make sure your muscles and tissues are getting everything they need to perform and recover.
Compressport Compression socks:
  • Activate blood flow
  • Eliminate toxins from your muscles
  • Help to improve your postural alignment
  • Assist with good knee alignment
  • Provide arch support
  • Provide shock absorption
  • Reduce muscle vibrations

These socks have also been designed to improve ventilation, wick away sweat so your feet stay dry, prevent overheating, and protect against blisters and fungal infections. The silver ion treatment helps reduce perspiration and the spreading of bacteria.

These socks also have the 3D. Dot technology which:
  • Ensure maximum foot grip in your shoes preventing your feet from slipping when you are walking, running or standing.
  • Cushion and protect your Achilles Tendon from friction and pressure
  • Provide additional shock absorption in the areas you need it most
  • Provide massaging acupressure to further activate blood circulation

The socks are guaranteed for 2 years.

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