Beast Men's Performance T

$19.99 $36.50

Find your Inner Beast and let your sweat do the talking.

  • 100% microfiber polyester pk maX with eyelet mesh contrast
  • Inherent moisture wicking keeps you dry & comfortable
  • Treated with BodyFresh to inhibit bacteria growth
  • Tapered sleeve and side for a nice athletic cut.

How does it work?

When an athlete exercises, the patent-pending ViewSPORT sweat-activated technology reveals a design that is only apparent once perspiration comes in contact with the fabric. The harder the wearer works, the more apparent the image.

What does this shirt say?

When the shirt is dry: Beast Mode (Front)

When the shirt is wet the message changes to: I am Beast Mode (Back)


Measure your chest size and then choose the shirt based on that measurement.

  • S - 34-36
  • M - 38-40
  • L - 42-44
  • XL - 46-48
  • XXL - 48-50

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