BenBini Watch

$19.99 $109.99

All a mom needs to keep track of their baby's scheduling needs!

The Benbini was ergonomically designed with a bangle cuff to fit during pregnancy and once baby arrives.

This watch is made of a baby soft material that will not rub nor scratch your newborn.


  • Pink & Grey
  • Patented dual bezels allows tracking of baby's schedules
  • Ergonomic design with no sharp metal edges
  • Silicon material of band feels incredibly soft
  • Convenient Left/Right switch for breastfeeding moms
  • Water resistant 
  • SR621SW Battery
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A bezel is the ring around the watch face, and it rotates. The inner bezel measures hours. The outer bezel measures minutes. Simple. To start timing: rotate the arrows to line up with hour and minute hands. As time passes, the hour and minute hands will point to the amount of time that has elapsed.


The Benbini band is a comfortable bracelet cuff, as soft as baby's skin. The flexible material can expand during pregnancy-related swelling (if you're lucky enough to experience that joyful side effect).

Left/Right Switch

The little button on the side of the Benbini is especially for our breast-feeding friends. If you start your first feeding of the day on your left side, for instance, flip the switch to L. Next time, start on the right and switch it to R. No more keeping a written list or switching your rings from hand to hand.


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