Charm and Gumption Hair Tie Package

$11.20 $14.99

What motivates you every damn day?

We just love these strong messages as daily reminders to kick some butt. Whether you're a stay at home mom, student, business owner or any other kind of super lady these hair ties will come in handy as motivation to take charge.

What makes these hair ties better than your usual ones?: The elastic material means that you won't get those ponytail headaches and you will get no/little ponytail kinks in your hair if you decide to let it out. Hooray!

  • Design collaboration with Holly Casto of Charm and Gumption.
  • Mane Message hair ties are made of soft, stretchy elastic. When your hair isn't up, they also double as bohemian-chic bracelets.
  • 1 "Just Start" Print Hair Tie
  • 1 Gold Glitter Hair Tie
  • 1 "Be Brave" Print Hair Tie
  • 1 Black Hair Tie
  • 1 "Hustle" Hair Tie
  • 1 Raspberry Hair Tie

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