Coffee Baron Men's T

$15.00 $34.99


This cool T from a Montreal-based designer is sure to cause a ruckus.

Each T- shirt is made to order and individually silk-screened using water-based inks, which are environment-friendly, don't feel rubbery and resist cracking in the wash.

Of course it pays to treat your shirt like the work of art it is! Wash it carefully and it will keep you company for as long as it takes to read your favorite Philosopher.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Fine Jersey construction
  • Durable rib neckband
  • Fitted cut
  • Eco friendly (water based) ink
  • Does not feel rubbery
  • Highly elastic, resists cracking
  • Made in CanadaRed Maple Leaf to symbolize Made In Canada

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