Marble Mod Hook Earrings


Simple and elegant sterling silver earrings that allow you to change the colour to match your outfit or mood.
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  • Sterling Silver
  • Exchange the marble in two simple steps
  • Includes 1 par of earrings, marbles, gift box, polishing cloth, and instructions
  • Includes 10 pairs of marbles
  • Made in the USA

How To Change The Marble

  • To remove the marble pull the marble from between the two prongs.
  • To insert the marble push the marble between the two prongs.
  • If you are changing marbles frequently you can renew the tension between the prongs by gently pinching* the sides of the prongs together.

Choose Your Marble Style

  • Itty Bitty - 10 mm 
  • PeeWee - 12 mm 
  • Fancy - 14 mm

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