Hematite Marble


Get grounded and be balanced with this marble. 

Hematite has an excellent grounding and balancing energy. It can also stimulate the mind as it enhances memory and evokes deep thought. It has protective energy, help to build courage, heightens self confidence, will-power and self-esteem.


  • 1 Marble

Choose your marble.

The marble is available in different sizes as outlined below. If you are unsure about which size of marble to select be sure to contact us for assistance.

  • Itty Bitty - 10 mm - The smallest marble. 
  • PeeWee - 12 mm 
  • Fancy - 14 mm
  • Player - 16 mm -
  • Whopper - 25mm- The largest marble. 

Please Note - Prices vary based on the size of the marble selected.


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