Power Clutch

$24.95 $99.99


The wonderful, and super stylish solution to all battery woes.

With a small charger built right into the wallet, you have power right at your fingertips!

Have you ever gone to text a friend or upload a photo to Instagram and then suddenly, you watch in dismay as your screen turns black and you realize "my battery is dead"! This is a sad moment for us modern-day individuals. What if you need to get a hold of someone? What if you spot Ryan Gosling walking down the street and want to snap a pic?

This is the perfect solution when you need to charge your phone on the go!

Works with the following:

  • iPhones 6/5s/5/5C using the enclosed Apple certified lightning adapter
  • All micro-USB smartphones: Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, LG and other Android devices.

How To:

  • Charge the power wallet with the power adapter or your laptop USB port
  • Charge your device with the Micro USB and the adapter to your smartphone
  • Charge level varies per device

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